"Whatever the event Robert Rivest
moves, delights, and captivates all!"

Science in Motion!

Audiences Experience Science Kinetically!

Science in Motion! is a mesmerizing blend of comedy and science that enthralls both children and adults. Robert Rivest comically explores how scientists and artists see the world around us. Through an exciting use of mime, comedy and informative science tie-ins, Robert Rivest inspires his audience to see science in a new light. His comic examples of everyday science are educational gems, advancing many science curriculum. His enthusiasm for science is so infectious that hard to reach students are often the first to volunteer for interactive pieces.

Everyone love mime illusions Robert Rivest shows the science behind it!

Science in Motion! is an age appropriate
selection of the following mime pieces, comic stories and audience participation skits:

Mime Science
Wall illusion: Solid, Liquid, Gas
A Rain Drop Journey: Water Cycle
Life on Earth: Climate Change
Hat Piece: Gravity, Inertia
Planting Seeds: Photosynthesis
Baby Bird: Eggs, Habitat, Flight
Push, Pull, Lift: Simple Machines
The Aquarium: Sea life, Float, Sink
Umbrella Piece: Wind, Weather
Caterpillar/Butterfly: Metamorphosis

What are you teaching in Science? Robert can bring it to life!

If you have themes other than above, let him know.
Robert Rivest can create a piece for anything under the sun.

Children, Teen, Adult and Family Presentations

School Shows: Flexible, Age Appropriate Shows: Pre-K-2, 3-6,
7-12 Best with 175-225 students. "All-School" audience limit negotiable.

Bring Science to Life Teacher Workshops, and In-Services available.

Community Shows: Fun Science Performances and Movement Workshops for libraries, clubs, camps, and civic groups available.

Science in Motion!

"Robert is a master at presenting complex science principles in simple easy-to-understand ways. I was particularly impressed with all the physical science information he provided with his artistry. Robert kept everyone engaged and laughing as they enjoyed the participatory aspects of his fun program."
Robin Garr, Director of education, Bruce Museum, Greenwich, CT

"Thumbs up! We had a great experience. I liked the audience participation most. Students had fun learning and loved the classic material."
Susan Winchester, Enrichment Coordinator, Pine Point School, Stonington, CT

"On behalf of the Nature Center, I would like to thank you for the wonderful performance you did
at our Earth Day event. I loved the way you incorporated our theme of global warming and
everyone has been raving about your show. We would love to have you back for future events.
Coryne Tasca ,Denison-Pequotsepos Nature Center, Mystic CT

"Mr. Rivest quickly engaged the audience and kept them engaged for 45 minutes with his
creative science program and humorous interactions.
Lynn C. Toper, Assistant Principal, Andover School

"A nice meld of science and art. Students were mesmerized and the teachers thought the program was engaging and informative."
Richard Gusenburg, Longmeadow Elementary School, Middlebury, CT

"Both our schools are still talking about your Science in Motion show. People raved and raved about your program and thought you were the best thing. Your artistry is magnificent!"
Emma Palzere-Rae, Enrichment Committee, Col. Ledyard Elementary, Groton Heights Elementary, CT

"Mr. Rivest's science mime program is one that the students will never forget. He was not only
able to motivate our students but make them think like scientists." Teachers' Comments,
Homer Science Magnet School

"We where thrilled with the performance ... He really did his home work ! Not only did he do a
beautiful job with some of the subjects we suggested (a piping plover, a raindrop journey )
he added some of his own which were a lot of fun and right on target (moving a glacier, fresh
water meets salt water...) We will cite Robert's performance as a model for future
Joan Miller, Education Coordinator, Waquoit Bay Research Reserve

Note to Schools, Science Museums and Nature Centers:

Robert can include themes, slogans, or topics
you would like highlighted in the show.
You can be as specific as you like.
Robert Rivest customizes programs for each grade
pre-K through 12, as well as adult and family audiences.

Robert Rivest 413-747-5004