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Mindful Tai-Chi Workshop

Robert Rivest offers Mindful Tai-Chi workshops for all ages! His fun, easy to learn, stress relief method works well in schools, colleges, corporations and retreat centers. Mindful Tai-Chi Workshops are a blend of relaxing tai-chi movements, nature imagery, and mindful breathing that simply melts tension away. Would you like to feel more alert, awake and aware, yet calm, peaceful and centered? Robert has developed 30, 60, and 90 minute workshops, as well as day long seminars that help people all ages and sensabilities relieve stress. He draws on over 20 years of practice in meditation, tai-chi, qigong and stress management techniques from around the world. A great way to let go of tension and start fresh!

Robert Rivest's Mindful Tai-Chi can be combined with his Comic Mime, Curriculum and Laughter Yoga Presentations!
Mindful Tai-Chi                          Mindful Retreat    

If you would like to bring Robert Rivest's stress relieving wellness program to your group, business, or organization

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Email: ROBERT RIVEST Phone: 413-519-2256



Upcoming Mindfulness & Laughter Training/Seminars/Events with Robert Rivest 

Opportunities to train with 

Robert Rivest

Certified Laughter Yoga Master Trainer, Mindful Tai-Chi Dancer & Master Mime Artist:


January 23-27, 2017


Glenn Head (Long Island), NY


January 26-27, 2017 

Laughter Yoga Leader Training

Glenn Head (Long Island), NY


February 9, 2017 

Robert Rivest  Energy, Movement & Laughter 

 Laguna Beach, CA


February 10, 2017 

Mime, Music & Mayhem Rivest & Briar & Guests

 Laguna Beach, CA


February 11-12,  2017

Robert Rivest Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training & Refresher,

 Laguna Beach, CA


February  25-26, 2017

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training & Refresher,

East Longmeadow, MA


March 4-5

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training & Refresher,

Danbury, CT


March  25, 2017

Laughter Yoga & Mindful Tai-Chi, 1-3pm

Rye, NY


April 22, 2017

Stress Relief, Laughter, Mindfulness & Joy 1-4pm

Cherry Hill, NJ 


May 4-5, 2017

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training & Refresher,

Ferryville, Wisconsin 


May 16-21, 2017


Scottsdale, Arizona


May 20-21, 2017 

Laughter Yoga Leader Training

Scottsdale, Arizona


August 19, 2017

Mindful Breathing, Playful Tai-Chi, Expressive Movement & Laughter

Montreal, Canada


October 2017 Europe Tour 

Robert Rivest & Jeffrey Briar Teaching & Performing:

Mindfulness, Laughter, Yoga, Spirituality, Mime & Music



October 21-23 (2017)

Mindfulness, Laughter, Yoga, Spirituality, Mime & Music

Etoy, Switzerland (near Geneva). 


September 16-23, 2017

Robert Rivest in Japan!

Mindfulness, Expression & Laughter Yoga, 

Kyoto, Osaka & Nagoya, Japan 



Would you like a Robert Rivest training or event in your town?



September 14-27 Robert Rivest Japan Tour!

17-19 September 2016: Kyoto 3 Day Robert Rivest Method Retreat

22 September 2016: Kyoto Robert Rivest 1 Day Seminar

23 September 2016: Nagoya Robert Rivest 1 Day Seminar


Spring 2017 Europe Tour (Germany, England, Italy, France . . .)


Contact ROBERT RIVEST for More information


Past Events:

Mindful Living Retreat Mount Kõya, Japan

Peace, Laughter & Joy seminar, Kyoto, Japan

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training Tokyo, Japan 

Laughter, Expression/Mime & Tai-Chi seminar Tokyo, Japan

Led Laguna Laughter Club, Laguna Beach, California

Co-led Contemplative Play half-day retreat w/ Rebecca Foster, Johnston, RI 

Co-lead Yoga, Tai-Chi, & Laughter Yoga w/ Lynne Miller to welcome new year Enfield, CT

Peace, Laughter & Joy - University of New Hampshire, Durham

Student & Staff Laugh Stress Relief - Amherst College. Amherst, MA

Laughter & Stress Relief Seminar University of North Carolina,

Peace, Laughter, & Joy Workshop Hampshire College, Amherst, MA

Laughter Yoga & Stress Relief, Yale University, New Haven, CT

New Britain Museum of American Art, CT. Laughter Yoga for All Ages

Laughter Yoga for Geriatrics with Dementia, Hamden, CT

Mindful Tai-chi & Laughter Yoga for Seniors, Ludlow, MA

15 Laughter Yoga Leader Trainings @ Heartsong, East Longmeadow, MA

20-30 Staff Stress Relief Programs per year

40-60 Themed Library Programs per year for children, families and adults

120-180 Literacy, Health, Stress Relif and Comic Mime school assemblies per year


Spreading health, happiness, peace, laughter & Joy :)



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Laughter & Wellness Offerings


Robert Rivest Laughter Events in Japan


 Laugh Along with Robert Rivest


Laughter Yoga Leader Training - Get Certified with Robert Rivest!


Laughter Yoga, Mindfulness & Tai-Chi Seminars


10 Free Laughter Yoga Videos


Educational Laughter Yoga Videos 


Mindfulness & Tai-Chi Videos

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